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We welcome all breeds, sizes, and temperaments! We are passionate about assisting every dog&handler team to reach their training goals and potential. We Strive to one day start a non-profit organization that focuses on training service dogs for veterans with PTSD.
We train using three main principles: timing, consistency, and motivation.
Timing is crucial when working with dogs. A reward or correction must be given within 1.3 seconds after a dog acts out a behavior. If our timing is off, the dog will not associate the correction or reward that they receive with the behavior that we intended.
Consistency cultivates a positive attitude and clear communication between us and our dogs. We must send clear, black&white messages of what we want from our dogs.
Motivation is a balance of both positive and negative. Positive motivation is used to teach desired behaviors. Negative motivation is used to eliminate unwanted behaviors and reinforce commands.


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Billy Sutton

Owner/Head Trainer

Billy has always loved dogs. Billy grew up with German shepherds and rottweilers; he enjoyed petsitting for neighborhood dogs as well. Billy joined the army in 2007 which is where he was first introduced to working dogs and their potential. This experience strengthened his passion for dogs. After receiving his honorable discharge in 2012, Billy started learning everything he could to start training dogs himself. Billy decided that he wanted to further his dog training education, so he attended the Tom Rose School, LLC for Professional Dog Trainers in July 2015. After TRS, Billy started NEOK9 Solutions, LLC.